Marcelo Albequerque

Economic geologist

Marcelo is an economic geologist, with an MBA in project and business management, with extensive experience in the generation, evaluation and management of mining projects, having served mainly as project and team leader in all phases of mineral exploration. He began his professional activity as a junior geologist at the Brazilian company VALE in 1992, having worked in the Carajás Mineral Province for more than 10 years, prospecting and evaluating gold, copper, nickel and manganese projects. In 2002 he joined the mineral exploration strategy team, being appointed in 2006 as country manager in Colombia, where he worked until 2009 in the search for business opportunities for VALE, mainly in coal and copper. In 2010 he began working at Forbes & Manhattan Group, coordinating exploration projects in the most diverse mineral substances, structuring companies and teams in Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua, for the exploration of coal, copper, gold, oil shale, lithium and emerald. He currently works as scientific director and technical consultant for companies of the same group: O2Gold and Muisca Resources, in Colombia

  • Company O2Gold

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