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Javier Cordova

Javier was Ecuador's mining minister from February 2015 until January 2018. One of his main objectives was to strengthen the institutional framework and direct public policy in the mining sector of the Andean country. Under his administration, the development of the Ecuadorian mining industry was his cornerstone, positioning the country as the new mining frontier in the region. In addition, legal, tax and competitive conditions were created to attract foreign investment and develop responsible mining to boost the mining sector and socio-economic development, particularly of those who live in the areas of influence of the mining projects through the use of anticipated royalties. As minister, Javier over saw institutional achievements such as the start of large- and medium-mining, with the strategic projects Mirador and Fruta del Norte in Zamora Chinchipe, and Río Blanco in Azuay. Additionally, the opening of the mining cadaster allowed progress in the process of granting concessions under an auction system with significant investment commitments from the world's largest mining companies. He also worked to promote formalisation of small-scale mining. The milestones achieved during his htree years have been recognised both nationally and internationally, such as the 2017 Mines and Money awards as the best regional destination for exploration as well as the most innovative nation in the global industry, with Javier acknowledged as one of the 20 most influential people in the industry worldwide by Mining Journal.