Andrea Pradilla

Director for Hispanic America

Andrea Pradilla is a lawyer of the Javeriana University of Colombia, Specialist in International Business Law from the University of the Andes and Master with Honors in International Relations and International Development from Georgetown University in the USA. She also has a specialisation with honors in international business diplomacy from the same university.

Before joining the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Andrea led the National Contact Point for the Guidelines of the OECD in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism in Colombia, where she created and implemented the operation of the tool since its inception. She led the inclusion of elements of sustainable development in trade negotiations of Colombia and co-designed the first draft of state guidelines for promoting corporate sustainability. Previously she worked as a consultant in corporate social responsibility and development in Wise Solutions in Washington DC, where she was responsible for the creation and strengthening of social investment strategies for multinational corporations, foundations and non-profit organization in Asia, Europe, the USA and Latin America. Similarly, she worked at the Albright Stonebridge Group and the International Labor Rights Forum in Washington DC. She previously served as advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia.

Since 2014, Andrea has been the GRI director in Hispanic America based in Bogota promoting corporate sustainability and sustainable development through the development of sustainability reporting under the GRI methodology.

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