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Thoughts on mining in Latin America


The week started in Seattle with a visit to the Museum of Pop Culture, with wonderful exhibits about Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

But then, north to Alaska and a visit to the Arctic and Bornite projects of Trilogy Metals in Alaska, a high-grade copper project that needs a road to become a mine. Trilogy was formerly Nova Copper, which CGL readers will remember did a merger with Sunward Resources a year or so ago, before flipping the Titiribi project in Antioquia to Brazil Resources (now Gold Mining).

Winter is coming in Alaska and seeing cranes begin their winter migration and take to the air in their V formation in massive numbers was something else. As I write this, I am preparing for my own migration south that will involve four flights and 24-hours of travel to get back to sunny Medellin.

Main news this week is that gold broke through US$1,300 per ounce. Or North Korea firing a missile over Japan.

CGS2017 made some good progress this week. I spoke with Brigitte Baptiste of the Humboldt Institute this week and she agreed to give a presentation about mining and the environment and under what conditions mining projects can be developed in Colombia. Many readers will recall that the Humboldt Institute was the agency at the eye of the storm surrounding the Santurban paramo issue, which catapulted it into being a key reference point on mining and environmental issues.

What many people fail to understand though is that Baptiste is not anti-mining per se, but expects/demands that miners do things right environmentally speaking. So this promises to be a good opportunity to hear a key opinion leader opine on how development companies should present and advance their project from an environmental point of view.

Environmental impacts of mining is a key concern where ever mining concerns. In Colombia, water is the key issue; in Alaska, impacts on wildlife and by extension subsistence lifestyles and hunting, which means caribou, and let’s hear what The Pixies have to say about that mammal.

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