Economic Development Awards

ESG is an increasingly important part of any exploration and mining development project in order to obtain a social license to operate and successfully permit operations. It is the CGS belief that exploration and development companies in Latin America are therefore effectively regional development companies.

Mining and exploration companies operating in Latin America are developing innovative economic development programmes to support their host communities which have real economic and social impact and will be sustainable long into the future.

These efforts often lack the recognition they deserve and so CGS2021 will launch the inaugural CGS Economic Development Project Awards to showcase some of the best economic development programmes undertaken by miners and explorers. The aim is to highlight the most innovative and effective programmes to raise awareness of some of the things that can be done and which may serve to stimulate other mining and exploration companies’ efforts, in addition to providing broader peer recognition to some of the great things companies are doing.

The CGS2021 programme will include a session showcasing the most impactful projects as determined by a panel of experts, with each company able to provide a brief presentation of their projects, following which a prize for the best project will be awarded.

Projects will be assessed
against the following criteria:

Innovation concept

How innovative is the
project concept?


Extent the project improved the economic environment of the community.


Could this project be carried
out in similar contexts?

Social inclusion

How innovative is the
project concept?

Creation of alliances

Articulation with other actors to increase
project scope and potential?


Is the project sustainable over time and independently of ongoing company support?

Please send submissions to to be received no later than Friday October 15th with the following information:
  • Name of project
  • Summary of concept of programme/project
  • Description about the project, the impact it is having and the number of people benefitting.
  • Supporting photos and/or video

Expert Panel

Michael Scherb

Founder and CEO, Appian Capital Advisory and The Appian Way Charity Foundation (AWCF)

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