Welcome to the Fifth Colombia Gold Symposium

This is the fifth annual CGS event which will be held on the Zoom platform this year which gives us the opportunity to invite many more distinguished speakers from around the world to provide keynotes and participate in panel discussions. As always, there will be simultaneous English-Spanish-English interpretation and this year we are making CGS2020 a free event to attend so there is no excuse not to participate.

The programme is split over four days with each day having a specific theme: ESG, legal, projects and technical, with each day providing a mix of keynotes and panel discussions. From October, you will be able to register for the sessions that interest you, all free of charge.


The ESG day will feature sessions on ESG finance, a growing factor at the heart of mining investment. In journalism, there is a saying of “follow the money”. Well, lenders and investors are increasingly basing investment decisions on the ESG performance of companies. Money is speaking and this will drive mining companies to place environmental, social and governance issues at the heart of everything they do.

Legal Day

The legal day will look at country risk in Colombia and Ecuador in addition to panel discussions on developments in mining regulations in both countries. We will also take a deep dive into small miner formalisation, looking at different approaches around the region and with a focus on what small miners want as a means to guide the actions of larger companies looking to assist in the process.

Projects Day

The projects day will include an update on the development of geological understanding in Colombia and a discussion about the need for an exploration policy to facilitate and promote exploration. We will also feature the latest academic studies about the Middle Cauca Belt and an update on the capital markets for exploration companies before hearing progress updates for several projects in the region.

Technical Day

The technical day will feature a discussion on how the services the local university sector can provide the mining sector and why companies should be looking to contract locally and help build local university capacity, featuring a special guest speaker from Canada. International porphyry expert Dick Tosdal will talk porphyries in a special keynote and we will hear of some of the mining technology sourcing decisions for the Quebradona project and how the company plans to benefit from future evolutions of those technologies.

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